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Brit Whiteburn is nothing if not loyal to his family. His one priority is to protect his nieces, the prophesied sisters known as the Daughters of Nadia. With the threat of Iele Fae looming day and night, he is ever-ready to guard and defend. Though that very protectiveness once cost him so much.


Kat Vasner is happy to keep her distance, to stay far away from the overbearing Brit. She knows all too well that he’s a devoted brother, son, and uncle, but when it comes to romantic relationships? Well, that’s where he needs some work.


Brit and Kat fight to keep others safe from the powerful and pernicious Fae, so when a random attack throws them together, brand new enemies are discovered—and old flames are rekindled.

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Chosen Blood


Fiona Whiteburn lost the Jeweled Ceffyl. The one thing that could finally save her family slipped from her grasp, and now she is desperate to find it again. Through danger, pain, and loss, she has always found strength in her bond with her sisters, but when danger follows her back to the mortal world, she has no choice but to stand alone.


Ronan Gates has lost everything—his honor, his pride, and the sacred artifact he has sworn to protect. Defeated and eluded by the Whiteburn sisters, he will travel to any realm and vanquish any enemy. Even if that enemy is the woman who’s claiming his heart.


The rivalry that brought Fiona and Ronan together may also be what tears them apart, because the choices they make will come with a cost.


A cost that can only be paid in blood.

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